Monster Level: 1 - 3
Age Range: 15 - 80 years
Mass: 5 pounds
DAP: 15
ST: 25
CN: 55
DX: 80
IN: 60
WI: 45
DT: 80

Nightvision: 1,000 ft
Speed: 200 feet / 5 sec

Average MVP: 42
PCA (Natural Weapons): 85%
Number of Attacks (Natural Weapons): 3
Damage (Natural Weapons): 1d10

The dragonelle are a race of tiny, docile dragons, ranging from palm-sized to large-hat sized. They have no burning spittle, but they can attack using their razor claws or sharp tiny teeth. The animals are gentle and trusting, but will fight for their young and their friends. They make excellent pets, but, because they are magical beings, they cannot be used as Mages’ Familiars or Clerics’ Pets.