OK, because none of the stuff on these pages is mine, let me state it very clearly: I DO NOT GUARANTEE ANY OF THIS STUFF. IT ISN'T MINE. I AM MERELY SHOWING YOU WHERE TO GO TO GET ALL OF THIS COOL STUFF.


Nothing fancy here, just links to some cool Mac stuff and other stuff:

Andrew's Mac TCP Drive-Thru - Stuff to keep your Mac internet connection running smoothly. You can check here for updates or pointers to TCP/IP utilities and applications.

Berkley Systems - Those kooky guys over in California are still churning out those screensavers and crazy Jack games! After Dark screensaver software updates are available here, as are some free screensavers from various contests. You have to watch the Happy Fun Slide movie!

CD Connection - Why bother going to the record store and spending money when you can go online and buy everything cheaper and from on location?

Clixsounds - Tons of sounds for your system! All of them are in System 7 (standard Macintosh) format.

Digital Blasphemy - OK, so, technically, this guy makes PC "Wallpaper," but it works just as well as a Mac background pic, though you might have to flip it sometimes to keep your icons off some of the good bits.

Fonts for Freaks - Tons of shareware and freeware specialty fonts in True type format. Tygre and I met online and have had many good conversations. She's a wonderful person and will be producing her own fonts soon in both True Type and PostScript Type 1 formats soon.

Font Vault (Mac Font Vault) - I needed a handwriting font and this place came through with shining colors! These fonts are shareware or freeware, True Type and PostScript Types 1 and 3.

Icon Factory - Tons of icons to help you customize your Mac and all its files and folders!

Iomega - Makers of the Zip 100 megabyte drive and the Jaz 1 and 2 gigabyte drives! These guys are friends for life!

Kaleidoscope Scheme Archive - Pick up the coolest extension designed to alter the look of the Macintosh OS interface. Kaleidoscope and its schemes alters the window frames, buttons, icons.. everything that makes your Mac look like a Mac. Now, you can customize it into your Mac!

MacAddict Online - My favorite Mac magazine and its online resources.

MacWorld Online - The other Mac magazine online and all of its resources. MaWorld tends to take itself more seriously than MacAddict, and, though that's not necessarily a bad thing, it makes for some dry reading sometimes.

Netscape - The best browser in the world! And it's now free for everyone!

Washington University Archive - One of the most complete Macintosh archives around. Lots of freeware and shareware games, files, applications, and utilities.


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